War Dance Response (Due Wednesday)

This passed week we have been watching and analyzing War Dance in class. Today you will use your assignments from the film to build your outline for your response paper due on Wednesday the 22nd. (500 Words – Times New Roman, Size 12, Double Spaced)

Do Now: 

1. What are some of the specific techniques that the director and editor use to add dimensions to the film?

2. What techniques from the movie do you think can be mimicked in your documentaries that you are producing in class and how would it impact your film?


Work with a partner to discuss and answer 5 of the 6 questions below:

1. What new ideas or insights came to you while watching the film?
2. How can you prove to your teacher that you are learning and understanding what we are doing in this class from this film?
3. What bothered you in the film, Was there anything you didn’t entirely understand or wanted some more explanation about?
4. Do you have any personal experiences you want to share that apply to the film we watched.
5. What questions do you have for the cast or director?
6. What new things have you learned while watching the film .


Your response papers must have an intro, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use your plot pyramid/concept map, questions from assignment #2 and questions from today to develop an outline for your paper.




  • Opening sentence
  • 3 main points that you will develop through out paper
  • transition

Body Paragraphs

  • Restate main points
  • Supporting details and examples
  • Supporting details and examples

Conclusion and closing summary

  • Restate 3 main points
  • Final statement

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