War Dance

Since 1985, the children of the Acholi tribe in northern Uganda have been victimized both by civil war and by a rebel force, the Lord’s Resistance Army. Millions have been displaced into camps where life is harsh. But when one camp’s primary school won the right to compete in Uganda’s national music and dance festival, its children dared to dream again. Nominated for an Academy Award, WAR DANCE follows three of these children – Dominic, Rose and Nancy – as they faced their past and imagined their future. 

War Dance Movie Poster


2. War Dance 

Assignment #1 : Narrative/Concept Map (100 Points)

While watching War Dance you will be challenged to create a plot pyramid/concept map  drawing out the storyline of the film and connecting it to the different filmic codes for each section explaining how they influence the narrative.

By the end of the film students should be able to look at their sheets and notice the progression of the storyline and how it was influenced by the filmic codes .


Plot Section (Exposition,Climax, Ect… Explain what is happening during this section.)

Filmic Code (What filmic code did the director use during this section? Be specific)

Effect (How did this filmic code affect the story line?)

Assignment #2: War Dance Questions  (50 Points)

1. What human rights issues are illustrated in the film?

2. What is the role of music in this film?

3. Throughout the film, the directors contrast the individual interviews with footage of rehearsal shows. What is the purpose of these contrasts? Is it effective? Why or why not?

4.Choose a scene that you thought was impactful, memorable, and/or emotional. Describe the scene in detail and explain why u chose that scene.

5. Did you like this film? Why or why not.


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