Do Now: 5/2

Yesterday we ended class with the question “ Does the presence of a film or video camera make people act any differently than they normally would? Why or why not?”  your answer to this question is the difference between cinema verite and observational cinema. Today you will be learning about the difference between the two and how to identify and recreate in your own documentaries.

Do Now:

1.How does the form of the documentary affect the content and show the tone or attitude the documentarian takes toward their subject?

2. How does the mode of narration affect the narrative?

3.What mode of documentary will you be using in your film and why?


Read about Cinema Verte and Observational Cinema and explain the two in your own words.

Create a venn diagram showing the 3 main similarities & differences including examples for both.

Cinema Verte and Observational Cinema


Students will watch “Always A Fire” and write a quick response (6-8 sentences) about the film referencing what we learned in class about the four modes of documentary. In addition students may also touch on other topics learned in class such as filmic codes and narrative.


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