Hood Dreams Response Paper

  • This past week we have been watching Hoop Dreams a documentary by Steve James. As with everything we watch in this class you will be required to write  a response paper about hoop dreams due on Monday the 15th. I am looking to see that you have a higher level of analysis for documentary films. Hoop Dreams  deals with social issues and uses cinematic techniques to develop its story. Using the questions from the week and your notes on the movie you will write a 350 word response paper with an intro, body , and conclusion that uses specific examples from the film to support you point.

Sample topics

Social Issues brought up through out the film.

  • drug use
  • race
  • social economic class
  • Education

Analyzing the film technically

  • Use of Shots and Composition support story.
  • Music and its role in the film.
  • How did the use of voice over affect film?
  • Editors influence.

Then and Now

  • How is life of the teens portrayed different or similar to your life.

Questioning the Directors decision

  • What does the filmmaker want the audience to believe or do?
  • Analyze the message and draw conclusion
  • questions you would ask the director.
  • Analyzing the film according to the 3 aims of documentarians.

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