Hoop Dreams Continued

Do Now: (Discussion)

1. What are the goals of the main subjects in this film?

2. What are the different issues that the characters deals with on their journey to reaching their dreams

Class Work:

The questions below will guide students through their interpretation of Hoop Dreams . Students should answer all questions.

1. Identify the author of the document. The information may be provided in the credits or on the
Internet file page from which you downloaded the document. The author may be a person or a group.
In some instances, the author may be “unknown.”
• What is the author’s point of view?
• What bias or prejudice might this author have?

2. Identify the audience and the purpose for the document. The audience may be the general viewing
public, or it might be a more specific group, such as teenagers, parents, workers in a specific industry,
or men and women enlisted in the military. The purpose may be to inform, to entertain, to express an
opinion, or to persuade.
• When and where was the document created?
• Why was it created?

3. Identify the information presented in the document. Use your knowledge of the filmmaking process
to interpret the film.
• What do you see? What filmic codes are being used? Identify specific people, places, or objects the filmmaker shows.
• Which details help you to better understand the subject or the period in which the film was

4. Analyze the film language. Use your knowledge of film language, including composition, camera
angles and distances, lighting, editing, movement, and sound to evaluate the film’s message.
• What message does the film have?
• What does the filmmaker want the audience to believe or do?

5. Make conclusions about the document. Now that you have studied the document, make your
conclusions based on specific details in the film.
• What questions does the film answer and/or what questions does the film leave unanswered?
• What value do these moving images have as a source of historical or cultural information?



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