Do Now 4/3

Aim: Why do directors want their audience to feel emotion?

Do Now: 

1. What emotions do films evoke? list 5

2. What techniques are used to build emotion?

3. Give one example of emotion in media and the way it is produced.

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Access Codes

Period 3: 8V33Q-7XF6B

Period 5: N5Z8W-Q24FT

Period 6: PHZWZ-ZF5ZK

Voice Over Directed by Martin Rosete

Home Work:

Write a 1 page response on the voice over and submit to Schoology

—Any new ideas or insights that came to you while watching the film.
—Anything that proves to me you are learning and understanding what we are doing in this class.
—Anything that bothered you in the film, anything you didn’t entirely understand or wanted some more
explanation about.
—Any personal experiences you want to share that apply to the film we watched.
—Anything from this class (or even from other classes) that relates to or applies to the film.
—Questions you have.
—New things you have learned.

***ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS give specific examples from the film about what you are talking
about—at least one or two in evey response you give me.***
—Do not just write what I call “crit talk.” Don’t just say “that was cool,” or “that sucked,” or “the special
effects were good,” or “it was boring.” I want to know WHY you thought that way.
—Do not just give me plot summaries. I already know what happened in the movie.


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