Do Now Quiz 4/26

Do Now Quiz: Answer all questions below silently and individually. Submit to

(2-4 sentences response for each)

1. Give me three steps used to conduct an effective interview?

2. Besides Music, what are two ways a documentarian can evoke emotion. Give an specific example from a film for each?

3. Give me an example where a director would use music as either parallel, contrapuntal, or associative. Come up with a scenario or give me a specific example from a film? 

4. What are 2 of the 3 aims of a documentarian?

5. What are 3 common mistakes of an amateur director?


Do Now 4/24


How can we identify and demonstrate the pre-production steps for a documentary Films?

Do Now:

1.Watch short documentary in class and identify all of the techniques that the director uses throughout the film to develop the story and make a list?

2.What is the director of this documentary trying to portray to its viewers?

3.Besides Interviews, what techniques are you going to use in your documentary to develop your story?

Class Work:

Develop Your Target Audience page by answering the questions below.

Who is your target audience?

Why is this your target audience ?

How will this film benefit them?

What do you expect your audience to learn?

How will they learn it?


Documentary Pre-Production: 4/22

Aim: How can we identify and demonstrate the pre-production steps for a documentary Films?

Do Now: What are the steps of pre production?

Split your production groups in half. Read articles below about the production process of documentary filmmaking. Today you will be creating a budget and schedule for your project.



Students should be able to:

  • Identify the steps in pre production.

  • Understand the purpose of these steps.

  • Develop production schedule and budget.


Aim:  How can we organize all the work we did this week to create an official treatment?

Do Now: students will go to and see the platform that they will be placing their treatments on.

Documentary Treatment Outline




Goals/Purpose of Film:

Film Outline:

(students will use questions from “do now 4/16” create the outline for your film)


(students will use their plot pyramid to  explain the storyline of the film and excite viewers about the plot without giving away the whole film)

Field Trip to Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, April 25th. Tell Your Parents!

First 20 Students to bring in your permission slips can go. Ask your parents from now!



Inside Out: The People’s Art Project

This fascinating documentary tracks the evolution of the biggest participatory art project in the world, the wildly popular ‘INSIDE OUT’. Travel the globe with French artist JR as he motivates entire communities to define their most important causes with incredibly passionate displays of giant black and white portraits pasted in the street. We witness young and old taking ownership of walls that were previously restricted and in doing so testing the limits of what they thought was possible. 



Do Now 4/17


What is the purpose of a treatment?  

What are the different types of questions that are asked in interviews for documentary?

Do Now:

In your groups develop a plot pyramid with a brief description for each section of the Freytags Pyramid.

Do Now 4/16

Get In to your groups and answer the 5 question.

  • Why does this film need to be made?

  • What do you hope the audience will learn by watching your film?

  • What change in the world can be sparked by the making of this film?

  • What aim of documentarian will your documentary hit and why?

  • Who is your main characters in the film?


Do Now 4/15


  • How do we create a treatment for a documentary?   

Do Now:

  • What are 2 things that you can use from hoop dreams to develop your own documentary?

  • What is one thing that you would not do in your documentary? 

Learning Objectives (swbat)

  • Identify the difference between a treatment and a proposal.
  • Develop a treatment for documentary film

Hood Dreams Response Paper

  • This past week we have been watching Hoop Dreams a documentary by Steve James. As with everything we watch in this class you will be required to write  a response paper about hoop dreams due on Monday the 15th. I am looking to see that you have a higher level of analysis for documentary films. Hoop Dreams  deals with social issues and uses cinematic techniques to develop its story. Using the questions from the week and your notes on the movie you will write a 350 word response paper with an intro, body , and conclusion that uses specific examples from the film to support you point.

Sample topics

Social Issues brought up through out the film.

  • drug use
  • race
  • social economic class
  • Education

Analyzing the film technically

  • Use of Shots and Composition support story.
  • Music and its role in the film.
  • How did the use of voice over affect film?
  • Editors influence.

Then and Now

  • How is life of the teens portrayed different or similar to your life.

Questioning the Directors decision

  • What does the filmmaker want the audience to believe or do?
  • Analyze the message and draw conclusion
  • questions you would ask the director.
  • Analyzing the film according to the 3 aims of documentarians.