Medgar Productions Interest Meeting Adgenda


Media Survey –

Whats This Club About?

MECPS Productions is an opportunity for you to get real world experience in video production and a platform for you to get your ideas created. Your school is starting a network that is going to be broadcasted to the web and the classrooms of MECPS.

So, who is this club for?

Medgar is creating a team of (16) students that are interested in having there ideas put to life. This crew will include a collection of technical individuals to produce news reports, event coverage videos, and documentary styled reality. We also need writers and creatives that will find the stories that need to be told. As a team we will drive each other to plan, shoot, edit, and deliver professional video for your peers.

What are our goals?

With the end of the school year steadly approaching our goal is to produce 3-5 videos before the summer and enter our work into student film competitions in the area.

Where do i sign up?

If interested please show your parents this blog and have your parent email me at


Todays Agenda

– Lock in club days

– Roles

– Current Projects

– Future Projects

– Fund Raising (Movie Nights)

– Club Suggestions

– Question and Answer